Chiara Bove Makiedo

Director, Writer and Producer

Chiara Bove Makiedo is a filmmaker of Italian, Serbian and Croatian descent. She studied filmmaking at PCFE Film School in Prague and at LCC, University of the Arts, London, where she was awarded a BA in Film & Video. She has directed and co-produced various short films that were screened at the BFI, Southbank. Amongst these was the docufiction, “I Sette Vizi della Capitale” , a collaboration between UAL and UK Film Council, featuring internationally renowned actress Milena Vukotic and up-and-coming talents Marco Iermanò and Giulia Michelini. Chiara was commissioned by award-winning senior producer, Emily Caston, to co-direct a five-minute behind-the-scenes documentary, (UAL/BFI): “The making of The Projectionist”, a film reconstructing the mysteries associated with Alfred Hitchcock's missing film, “The Mountain Eagle”. Chiara has worked for several directors on independent feature- and short-film productions in Rome and London, including with the award-winning production company, Pinch Media. Forming a collaboration with Pinch Media in 2012, Chiara wrote, directed and co-produced her first feature-length documentary, “Fishermen's Conversation”. Fishermen’s Conversations had it’s world premiere at the Raindance Film Festival and was later selected at over 20 film festivals worldwide. The film is being distributed by Europictures.

Recently Chiara co/directed and co/produced various behind the scenes promotional videos with and about music bands Franz Ferdinand and Sparks showcasing the unison of of the super group, commissioned by Domino Records. She later co-produced the biographical documentary The Italian Jobs for and about Paramount Pictures. Chiara is currently developing her next feature length documentary.

Mirko Pincelli

Cinematographer and Producer

Mirko Pincelli is an award-winning feature and documentary shooting/director, with an extensive photography and photojournalism background. Mirko has shot and directed two feature documentaries which sold internationally, a 4 x 30” doc series for Al-Jazeera and dozens of web-series, shorts, commercials and music videos in the UK, across Europe and the US. His first feature doc “Uspomene 677” about contemporary Bosnia, premiered at Raindance Film Festival 2011, was nominated as “Best Micro-Budget Feature” and sold worldwide. He followed with “My words and I”, a doc about an Italian stuttering school, released in Cinemas across Italy. In late 2012, Mirko shot and co-produced a third feature documentary “Fishermen's Conversation”.

Mirko and his business partner at Pinch Media, Enrico Tessarin are currently in the closing stages of financing “The Habit of beauty”, their feature film debut as a writer-director-producer team. He is also developing his next documentary project as a director and co-producing another one with partners such as ARTE and BBC.

Enrico Tessarin

Co-Producer and Co-Writer

Enrico Tessarin is a graduate of London Film School with ten years experience working on feature films, documentaries, commercials and shorts. Enrico's first major project was producing 140 episodes of “Sofia's Diary”, one of the first and most well-known web-series in the UK, for Sony TV Europe and Bebo and had a run on Channel 5. Since setting up Pinch Media with Mirko Pincelli in 2011, Enrico has produced, co-produced and line-produced 3 feature films and 3 feature documentaries, receiving several prestigious nominations on the way including an International Emmy Award. He has written several short films shown internationally, co-written all his documentaries and a cross-platform series currently in development with UK broadcasters.

The Habit of Beauty” is his first feature film as writer-producer. He is working on treatments for another two feature films and he is attached as a co-producer to a feature doc and another two feature films.

Peter Michaels

Sound Design & Music Composition

Peter Michael is a composer, producer and performer with stage and screen credits including BBC, National Geographic, Sky TV and West End theatre. As a guitarist he works with British and international musicians, recent performances taking him to the Royal Albert Hall, Southbank Center and a ruined Tudor Castle.

James Hopkin

Contributing Writer

James Hopkin is the author of two novels, a book of short stories, and “A Dalmatian Trilogy” for BBC Radio 4. He has written extensively about Croatia, including “Fishing in Dalmatia” (Intelligent Life/The Economist), an article that looked at how an island's 300-year fishing tradition copes with stock depletion and the strictures of EU accession; and “After Beauty” a new ebook that will gather his stories and articles about the country.

Arthur Sloman

Sound Recordist

Arthur Sloman is a documentary sound recordist who uses eavesdropped conversations and captured sounds to form immersive soundscapes. Often working alongside artists/people, he is currently pursuing an independent project in creating an audio map of public spaces in England.